Gods Bounty

cookie-jarOnce a little girl went to a shop with her mother.

The shopkeeper looked at the small cute child and showed her a jar full of cookies and said “dear child, you can take some cookies”; but the child didn’t take.

The shop keeper was surprised. Such a small child but why is she not taking the cookies from the jar?

Again he said take the cookies. Now the mother also heard this and said “take the cookies dear” yet she didn’t take it.

The shopkeeper, seeing the child not taking the cookies, himself took the cookies and gave them to the child.

The child was ecstatic to have been given so many delicious cookies!

While returning home the mother asked the child “why didn’t you take the cookies, when the shop keeper told you to take?”

Can you guess the response?

The child replied:” mom! My hands are very small and if I take the cookies I can only take a few but now you see when uncle gave with his big hands”. how many more cookies I got!”

Moral: when we take we may get little but when God gives he provides us beyond our expectations more than what we can hold.

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